Extrapolated Salary

I graphed my salary from the Social Security Statement this morning. After diagnosis and meds, my salary increase faltered and I began to have steep drops in salary, usually corresponding to a period of unemployment, every three years.

Just for giggles I’ve uploaded a gif of the graph.
I let Excel do a logarithmic extrapolation based on the pre-diagnosis data and it predicted the same salary as the salary reports in the tech journals say I should be making. A quick guesstimate by counting blocks in the graph shows that my lifetime earnings have been about half of what they would have been if I wasn’t mentally ill. I like to play with numbers when I’m bored. Can you tell?
There is no doubt in my mind that I benefited from being bipolar. I could think quickly, I had a great visual memory, and when I was hypomanic I could work long hours on very little sleep.
There are times when I miss what the meds have taken away.


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