Koko the Gorilla

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Koko has a tested IQ of between 70 and 95 on a human scale, where 100 is considered “normal.”

One wag has suggested that we use gorillas as sky marshals.

I would like to point out that the wording on Koko’s site was that a 100 IQ is “normal.” What it really is, is average. 78% of the human population is in the range of 80 to 120 points.
But how does IQ work? Another way to look at it is that with a 70 IQ Koko might get through the 6th grade and hold a job doing simple tasks in a supervised environment. In reality, of course, her language limitations might make this difficult.
With an IQ of 80, she might be able to complete the 7th grade and work unsupervised in an unskilled job – washing dishes, say.
With an IQ of 90 she might graduate high school and be capable of working a semi-skilled job.

I used the bottom of the ability ranges here. With a 95 IQ, Koko might be able to earn a college degree if she were motivated. I hope this puts it into perspective.

“Fine Animal Person Gorilla have Liberal Arts degree. Welcome to Wal-Mart.”

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