Metaprogramming the Meat Computer

I’ve been trying to find out where my personal evolution stopped – using the transpersonal psychology model for lack of a better plan – so that I can decide what to work on next. Change is pretty destabilizing, I’m afraid, but stagnancy is another form of death. Yeah, probably hanging on too long is an issue. When I was a kid I’d get frustrated and walk away from difficulties, so I’m thinking this is a matter of finding the Tao, the middle way. The answer isn’t immediately obvious.

I think that a big part of healing is to reframe the issues (as the Republicans say).

The nature of an epiphany is to show you everyday things in a new light. To extend your vision far beyond your normal point of view. To show you things you never even knew existed, if only for a moment. Maybe this is the source of creativity? For the most part, however, you make changes by a slow retraining process.

When I took Chinese History I learned that when a new Dynasty began, the first thing they’d do is hire historians to rewrite the history books. I don’t advocate completely lying about your past or going into denial, but you can certainly try to find good things that you may have missed, and you can underemphasize the bad things. In school you may have repeated the times tables until you memorized them. Well, it works with anything. Tell yourself bad things about yourself over and over, and you will learn that. Tell yourself that you are competent and satisfied with you life, and you will learn that. This is the difference between a winner and a loser.

The winner always gets to write the history books. *Always*

Fortunately, many of our drugs keep us from being dangerously creative, from having epiphanies, and sometimes even from feeling our own feelings.

Oh, speaking of metaprogramming the meat computer, there’s an interesting site in Australia you might like to check out. It is a free online CBT course from the Australian National University. You aren’t going to cure bipolar disorder with it, but you may learn how to keep a bad day from getting worse. Thanks go to the Pendulum Resources forum for this gem.


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