Lithium Salts

Where there is sickness and fear, there is always someone offering false hope.

One of the shadier scams pulled on bipolars is the claim that certain lithium compounds are more beneficial than others.

This rant concerns lithium orotate.

Lithium Orotate is a salt. That means that when you put it in water, it ionizes, or splits into its component parts. In this case, it splits into lithium ions and the orotate is metabolized into orotic acid in the liver.

Your body uses elemental lithium at the cellular level. Your cells don’t care whether you ingested lithium carbonate, lithium chloride, or lithium orotate to get the lithium.

So what you really want to know is what the orotate part gets you. The answer seems to be a fatty liver. Your body makes all the orotic acid you need after you drink alcohol. Another way to get it is to ingest ammonia salts. Not recommended. If I’m reading this right, drinking piss will raise the level of orotic acid because excess uria also stimulates orotate production.

Now here’s where it gets interesting: There was a documentary on Mahatma Gandhi in which he stated that the reason for his good health was that he drank a cup of fresh urine, presumably his own, every morning. I think I read it in Time or Newsweek, too, but I’m at work and don’t feel like researching it. Here’s a wikipedia citation. Take it with a swig of^W^W a grain of salt.

Let me know how that works out for you.



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