Crazily is…

Great news! Two new bipolar t-shirts in the [tag]Manic Mall[/tag]. The first one, called “Crazily is…” is the [tag]Chinese[/tag] characters for [tag]bipolar disorder[/tag] cut-and-pasted from a [tag]medical[/tag] site in China. A back-translation on babelfish tells me that the Chinese have an interesting perception of us. Interesting as in the ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” Click the picture to see the shirt, “Crazily is [tag]hot-tempered[/tag] the depression!

Crazily is…

The second t-shirt should have been the first shirt, since I was researching it when I came across the translation above. It inspired me to create the Official Bipolar Planet® World Tour 2007 [tag]t-shirt[/tag].

Well, I was looking at an Israeli search engine that links to [tag]Pendulum[/tag] Resources and got curious. Is [tag]manic depression[/tag] a world-wide problem? Do some cultures accept “eccentric” behavior more than others do? How did they treat manic-depressives before lithium? I am very curious about it. A very quick trip to world-wide googles helped me find dozens of ways to say “[tag]bipolar disorder[/tag]” and “manic depression.” It really is a Bipolar Planet®.

Update 5/1:
Someone pointed out to me that I didn’t include the English words for bipolar disorder or manic-depression. Oops! I thought it went without saying that English-speaking countries are nuts.

World Tour 2007


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