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  1. L K Tucker says:

    I found your site in a blog post from a reader of my site.

    In 2002 my wife had a psychotic break after her office was changed eliminating “Cubicle Level Protection.” As her case moved from doctors to neurologists then psychiatrists I discovered that the problem that caused her mental break, discovered by designers and engineers in 1964, is unknown in mental health services.

    It is so simple that anyone can create the “special circumstances” to allow Subliminal Distraction exposure. Named for the normal feature of our physiology of sight that lets it happen, it is explained in first semester psychology under peripheral vision reflexes. But when the mental break it causes is mentioned in lectures it is treated as something that happened only once in 1964, not an everyday potential experience. My instructor said, “Subliminal sight caused a problem in the early days of modern office design.”

    The office cubicle was designed to block peripheral vision for a concentrating knowledge worker to stop it by 1968.

    If you have circumstances to have chronic but separated significant exposure so that the episodes repeat then remit every few weeks or months you would be diagnosed with Bipolar disorder

    Because of the way your brain deals with the vision startle reflex, subliminally, exposure cannot be consciously experienced. It is undetectable.

    The repeating subliminal FAILED attempts to execute the vision startle reflex are defined as a subliminal distraction.

    I am searching for a group or individual to spread this information to those with Bipolar. THERE IS NO TREATMENT, DRUG, OR THERAPY INVOLVED IN AVOIDING SUBLIMINAL DISTRACTION.

    If you can find and eliminate all sources of exposure your Bipolar symptoms should remit completely in a time consistent with the length of previous exposure, weeks or months.

    This does not involve any expense and you do not have to stop any treatment you now have. It is prevention not treatment.

    VisionAndPsychosis is now a few pages of explanation as the site is reconstructed.

    The old investigation site can be reached using the Wayback Machine.

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