HBO – Temple Grandin

February 19, 2010

HBO has made a movie about the life of Dr. Temple Grandin, author of "Thinking in Pictures," the autobiography of an autistic woman. Dr. Grandin is an expert in animal husbandry whose specialty is humane treatment of animals in the cattle industry. The movie is a must see. Preorder Temple Grandin from

Starring Claire Danes, Julia Ormond, Catherine O’Hara and David Strathairn, Temple Grandin paints a picture of a young woman’s perseverance and determination while struggling with the isolating challenges of autism at a time when it was still quite unknown. The film chronicles Temple’s early diagnosis; her turbulent growth and development during her school years; the enduring support she receied from her mother (Ormond) , aunt (O’Hara) and her science teacher (Strathairn); and her emergence as a woman with an innate sensitiviity and understanding of animal behavior.
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Are Autistics really UberGeeks?

June 4, 2008

The person to research is Dr. Temple Grandin. She is autistic and has a PhD in Animal Husbandry. She is probably the number one designer of humane slaughterhouses due in part to the fact that she thinks in pictures rather than in words. I draw the line before “because she thinks like an animal.” The powers-that-be love to say that autistics are like animals, a statement that is always used to dehumanize and to justify abuse.

Dr. Grandin has made some startling statements about how autistic children are being mishandled in our schools. The powers-that-be think they know better than her. After all, she thinks like an animal. 😦

Dr. Grandin has written a number of excellent book on the topic of educating autistics, including one called “Developing Talents: Careers for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism.”

Genius May Be an Abnormality: Educating Students with Asperger’s Syndrome, or High Functioning Autism

Center for the Study of Autism – Temple Grandin – Temple Grandin’s Hug Machine

THINKING IN PICTURES is Dr. Grandin’s autobiography and gives a great deal of insight into the mind of an autistic.

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